I’m writing this, sitting on a filthy mattress in a caravan recently vacated by some asshole who tried to kill me. Unlike the last assholes who tried to kill me, this one was fool enough to tell me what he was about to do, and didn’t have me tied up, so that didn’t really work out so well for him. He’d have had better luck against the geckos.

But yeah, those other guys. Well, they had a damned good try, but thanks to some robot and this Doc Mitchell fella, I’m still kickin’. When I came to, he asked my my name – the Doc, I mean – and I kinda panicked, said the first name that came to mind. Petra. I’m pretty certain that’s not my name, but it’ll do for now. He found a bunch of papers stuffed into my underwear, something about some courier job, and some crumpled, faded old pages with what I guess must be my journal written on them in pencil. Hard to read some of it, but the handwriting’s pretty similar to what’s coming out now, so, I guess it must be mine. Probably a few years old, I’d guess? Not quite started to go yellow, but definitely old.

She doesn’t feel much like me, though. Maybe I’m just still mixed up from, you know, being shot and buried, and, well, obviously I’ve got some pretty bad memory loss, like, all of it. But I read what she’s written and it feels like someone completely unrelated to me. I guess maybe she’ll start coming back to me, but I suspect, given she was writing a few years back, up near D.C., probably things have not exactly been smooth since her dad died. My dad. I dunno.

Anyway. I’m here, now. Got to figure out what the Hell that asshole in the suit wanted me dead for, maybe get some payback. First, though, I’m going to do what the girl in the Saloon asked and introduce myself to the lady who runs the place. Ugh, hope I get better at retaining information, you know, names and junk, soon. Probably sell off some of the junk I found up near that radio tower, and this stinky Gecko meat (okay, I cooked some of it on the remains of that campfire, it’s not so bad).

I also seem to have a bunch of expensive looking guns. The Doc said they must’ve been mine, but I’m damned if I know why those assholes would’ve left them lying around near someone they left for dead. I mean, this is still the Wasteland, and good guns are not something you just leave by a dead girl. I fired off a couple of shots with each of them, and I’m definitely more comfortable with the smaller ones. This grenade thing is just ridiculous. I might hold on to the shotgun, though, if I can get hold of a backpack. Must be a General Store in town, though, right?


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    • Ah, my ending wasn’t clear? Basically, Fawkes and Sydney glitched out of the game, and Mae went “screw you guys, I’m going…south.” The intervening years have not been terribly kind, but at least I don’t have to write a teenage girl mourning her dad. (I did not know how the MQ turns out before I started writing, or I would probably have put it off longer, but it kinda picked up momentum and I ended up finishing it.)


  1. Oh, Okay. I’m with you now. I was just expecting a Broken Steel continuation! 😀
    I’m (well, “Luker” is) at that point now so the story isn’t completely finished. Are you choosing any DLC this time? Yeah, all those free weapons are stupid. I put a chest outside Doc’s house and just throw it all in there. I usually keep the Weathered Pistol, water bottle, and Armoured Vault Suit because that’s what I got with my pre-order edition on my PS3. Sometimes I look up what one of the other Sets were and go with, that. Did the Tribal one last time and headed off to Zion as soon as I could. 🙂


  2. Yeah, I was going to at least go and find out what that one dude wanted, given it was sort of on the way, but Mae just seemed too pissed off with everyone and everything, it just felt ‘right’ for her to just go ‘screw it’, drop off the things she’d been saving up for a couple of folks, and head ‘anywhere but here’.

    I’ve accidentally activated all of the DLC, I need to read the store page on Steam to get a rough idea of what they involve before I decide whether to actually do any of them, or I might just wander off in the direction of one of the quests if I get bored! (Probably that, actually).

    I probably should have just dumped the extra guns, called it a donation to the town, but my GOD Stimpacks are expensive, so I just sold one, will probably never remember to use the shotgun (I think I used my sawed-off one in all of one fight) and will probably get some use out of the pistol. I’ve still got the magically replenishing mystery canteen thingy, too, yes. I started off playing Hardcore, but apparently you can’t regen health by sleeping in that, or something, and I’m just not up for that, not when Stimpacks are like 107 caps. I know you can restore health by drinking water and eating, but I don’t like doing that more than, you know, a single drink and a meal if it’s a few game hours since I last ate (and even then it feels silly) but I think sleeping to recover is relatively reasonable. I did like the thing where you couldn’t heal damaged limbs without a doctor’s bag or seeing a medic (although, come on, if your leg is that badly damaged, you’re going nowhere…) but I think I’ll stick with just having semi-regular meals (food’s still pretty scarce so probably not three slap-up meals a day!) and drinking regularly and so on.


  3. Finally I’ve completed the main quest parts of Broken Steel. Trouble is, all my skills were at a 100 by level 24 and I’m now level 27. There were a lot of enemies to kill 😀

    Are you still playing FNV and, if so, are you being plain mean or are you being a goody two shoes?


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