Raven Rock

Well, that didn’t go according to plan. I think I took a blow to the head, or something shot me, I don’t remember, but everything went bright for a second, then dark.

When I came to, that damn Autumn guy was there. I guess Dad didn’t kill the asshole after all. Kinda makes his own death seem pretty pointless, doesn’t it? So much for noble sacrifices. They’ve taken the GECK, they’re the good guys, blah, blah, blah. When he left the room, that President Eden guy’s voice came over the intercom again, and somehow… Well. Let’s just say I had an inkling that he wasn’t all he seemed. No, that’s not quite it, from the first time I listened to the Enclave Radio broadcasts, it was pretty obvious that he wasn’t what he was made out to be. But I figured he was an actor, or a stooge, or recordings from someone who really was President, maybe. Anyway, he invited me, quite cordially, up to his office to meet him. Released me from my bindings, told me where to find my stuff, all perfectly pleasant.

The thing with pleasant, is when it’s out of place, it makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up.

Still, I didn’t have any other choice, really, so I took my things and cautiously left the room. Of course I was immediately stopped by a guard. It was weird, but I’d swear I’d heard his voice somewhere before. Another life, maybe. He spoke with Eden, who confirmed my story, and I headed on. Got kinda lost, but I found my way in the end, naturally that asshole Autumn had figured out what was going on, and didn’t appreciate it. Would’ve thought he’d follow what his President said, but there you go. So, I had to fight the rest of the way to the office, where my suspicions were confirmed. Eden is – was – a computer. Of course, the thing with computers is, however smart they are, they’ve usually got some kind of bug you can exploit to get them to do what you need to, even if that’s… not strictly what they’re meant to be *for*. It tried to get me to use some kind of virus in the purifier, that would wipe out Super Mutants and Ghouls. Not really my style, especially after meeting Fawkes.

Oh God, that reminds me, on the way in to Vault 87, I caught a GNR broadcast… I guess I over-estimated how things would go at Tenpenny Towers, I knew it wouldn’t be all tea parties and candlelit suppers, but… That. I don’t really know what else I could have done, though, either way it would have ended with a bunch of people dead. I hope Herbert got away, at least.

In any case, I talked Eden into shutting down, took the virus just in case Autumn got his hands on it, and split. Outside, there were gunshots and – FAWKES! I have never been so glad to see someone. He’d come to help me out, and it was just starting to occur to me that I didn’t know where Syd and Cross were. We headed to Megaton as quickly as we could – Syd and Dogmeat were in my house, thank goodness, and Syd said Cross had headed back to the Citadel. They got knocked out, too, but luckily they were just left where they were, rather than ‘disposed of’. They had no idea where I’d gone, of course, so they headed home. Luckily it was the middle of the night, so nobody saw Fawkes, I was so worked up I didn’t even think – I doubt they’d have taken kindly to him. So, we should really get some sleep, I’m hoping if I go out and explain to Lucas before Fawkes comes out, we’ll be able to leave without a fuss. Then to the Citadel, I guess.



9 thoughts on “Raven Rock

  1. So what “army of infinite followers” mod are you using, Mae?

    Hmm.. I can’t make up my mind which DLC to start, Point Lookout or The Pitt. I think I’ll go with the Pitt for no other reason than we already talked about it. lol – if only life decisions could be made so simple. Laters…


  2. None! I think because Syd isn’t a vanilla follower (although she’s a vanilla character) she doesn’t get counted as a follower, maybe? Like Vilja in Skyrim. I’ve not had more than one vanilla NPC humanoid + Dogmeat. I presume Cross just heads back to the Citadel (truth be told, I didn’t check she was there) when you get knocked out, and is counted as dismissed as a follower, particularly as the game *expects* you to take on Fawkes if you’ve freed him, given he shows up at the exit of Raven Rock.


  3. Oh, Okay. But I still think it’s a shame you didn’t meet/help the REAL Sydney. 😀

    You’re correct, SP Cross returns to the Citadel. Hmm.. I’ll need to improve my Karma if I want a murderous hulking Supermutant following me around with hulking great big Gatling Laser toy, or SP Cross to accompany me for that matter. I’ve got Clover by my side and she thinks I’m cute. I think she’s adorable – lol. 🙂

    Ok. I’m heading North and I may become somewhat engrossed in my game. 😉


    • I think she is the same Sydney, just “extended”, she’s got extra dialogue by the original voice actress, it’s pretty cool.

      I love Fawkes, was gutted when he vanished, I’m sure I could have console commanded them back, but it felt like it was time for Mae to move on.


  4. If you’d finished Sydney’s hidden quest properly (no idea if your mod does) you’d be trading with her regularly in which case you’d also run into Fawkes again – he’s outside where she is supposed to retire to and set up shop. Now, “that’s” what I call a proper spoiler – lols. Me? I’m in the Mill remembering what a nightmare it was finding 100 steel ingots for an achievement (PS3). This time I’m only obliged to find 10 but, well, you know how it goes… I think I’ve retrieved 62 so far but not too sure because I’ve been handing them in for rewards. Ah well, coffee break over. Good game 🙂


    • Well, the wiki says Fawkes quite often disappears from the game entirely when you activate the purifier, so I just rolled with it. I avoid meta gaming most of the time, and have a head full of fog due to disability,so if something doesn’t show up in a fairly obvious way, I won’t find out about it. (Fwiw, if I don’t mention knowing about something, I probably don’t, so please don’t tell me!)


  5. Nah, wiki is suspect in that case then. He does gets stuck in or fall through the graphics sometimes – dunno if it’s because of his size (probably) – and a reload corrects it. First thing I do is look for my friends. I mean, who wouldn’t be concerned as to the whereabouts of their friends? But I suppose if you “don’t” realise he’s gone he may forever become stuck. More often than not (at least for about the last seven play-through’s) I’ve found both him and Dogmeat stuck in the room where the auto-doc is, by Sarah’s recovery room. It’s quite funny to see – lol. Anyway, you obviously spend more time in the wiki than self discovery and as it’s hard to comment without giving stuff away I’ll quit commenting. I’ll just read and keep my mouth shut. 😀


    • Not really, but I sometimes look things up after the fact (*cough* like when someone tells me finishing a quest a certain way was a mistake) or when I’m trying to find out if a gun is big or small. I’d already basically decided I wanted to take Mae to Vegas, and her companions glitching out of existence was a good enough motivation, but I was curious as to whether Fawkes was even supposed to come back, given he’s said goodbye and everything, maybe he assumes you’ve died and the Brotherhood don’t disabuse him of that or whatever.

      You don’t need to stop commenting, just comment on what I have done, not what I haven’t 😉


    • My reasoning was about 60% “I don’t want to have to factor grief into what is really meant to be a fun blog about adventures in a half-dead world full of monsters and I remember from last time I gave FNV a go that you (apparently, not sure if it’s confirmed, but that’s certainly how I’ll be playing it) have amnesia, and also several years have passed so she’s had time to work through the grief” and 40% “I really want to give New Vegas another go” 🙂


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