We found Little Lamplight, I wish I’d been able to get a word in edgewise and tell them I’d already been to Bigtown, but little kids have their own ideas about what nonsense they’ll listen to, even more so than mungos. I mean, uh, grown-ups. Convinced them to let us in, at least, not easy when there were three grown ups, one probably older than anyone they’ve ever seen. Found our way to ‘Murder Pass’, and the Mayor kid let us through. Full of Super Mutants, of course. As was the Vault, when we found our way in. Super Mutants and… things.

God. They were experimenting on people. I always assumed the Super Mutants were, I don’t know… Just people who’d mutated from exposure to raditation, I guess. But no. They were actually turned into those things, men and women, in the name of ‘science’. I’m kind of confused as to whether the experiments we saw were… I don’t know, somehow survivors from when Vault 87 started? Or whether the Mutants somehow started experimenting. They don’t seem smart enough, but nothing else makes sense. I wonder if that’s what those Mutants were talking about in the police station all that time ago. Little Lamplight and Bigtown are pretty far apart, it’s a bit of a big coincidence… I don’t know. Whatever, I’m just catching a breath before I head out with the GECK. The GECK that Fawkes brought for me. Fawkes who is a Mutant. Yeah, I’m pretty sure I’m going nuts.


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