They won’t tell me where my friends are. I did everything I could, gave up everything, and they won’t tell me where my friends are.

We arrived at the Citadel, me, Syd, and Fawkes, and they were arguing over what to do next. In the end, it was decided to activate that crazy giant robot and storm the Jefferson Memorial. I have to admit, the robot was pretty cool, and it was almost… I dunno, almost fun, following him, watching him just anihilate the opposition. We arrived at the Memorial, headed indoors, and made our way to the control room. Doctor Li told us that the only way to activate Project Purity was to go into the airlocked control room, but that it was almost certain we wouldn’t survive. I couldn’t let anyone else go through that, so I went in, then realised I had no idea what the code was. I almost panicked, but then I had one of those ‘moments of clarity’ that you hear about, remembered Dad kept talking about that Bible verse. I had no other idea what it could be, so I punched in 216, and, well, I guess it worked. I’d already given the vial containing the contaminant to Elder Lyon, so that was safe. Everything went blurry, and the next thing I know, I’m waking up in the Citadel.

I’m glad to have survived, I guess, and I’m glad Sarah did, but where are Fawkes and Syd? Why won’t anyone TELL me? I can’t even ask about it, if I try, I just get shut down or they change the subject. They want me to go and do some other stupid crap for them, but screw it, they won’t even tell me if my friends are dead. I’ve been back to Megaton, picked up some supplies, and my pages. Sold some stuff, told Moira to take whatever she wants from what’s left behind. Delivered some blood packs to the Family, and some Sugar Bombs to Murphy. Got a little Ultrajet, just to try it out. And now I’m heading… I don’t know. Away. It’s starting to get kind of chilly, I guess I’ll head south.


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