I don’t know what to say.

Dad had one more job for me, something to do with the pipes, and as I was turning the valve, all Hell broke loose. Enclave. Everywhere. I was starting to panic, as both segments of the pipe were locked, but the one I hadn’t just come through unlocked, and I headed back in. I don’t know how they got inside so quickly, but they were everywhere. Thankfully, I had my stealth armour on, and plenty of ammo, so I made it back to the control room just in time to see some guy talking to Dad, he killed one of Dr Li’s team, I can’t even remember her name, and then… Dad set something off, something that killed them all. Radiation, I guess. Dr Li and the others and I ran, thankfully Dr Li knew a tunnel we could use to escape, and we just about made it past more Enclave, and a bunch of damn Feral Ghouls, into the waiting arms, so to speak, of the Brotherhood of Steel.

I dunno. They all seem nice, but I’m having a hard time trusting them. Still, I like Star Paladin Cross. She offered to come with me back to Megaton, and then help me find this Vault 87 place. When we got back home, my Pip-Boy started picking up a new signal. Amata. Something about her Dad going crazy, and fighting in the Vault. I dropped my extra gear, told Syd and Dogmeat to follow, and the four of us headed out. It was so strange being back in there. Like going back into some kind of dream. Everything was the same, but nothing was. I somehow talked the Overseer into resigning, and letting Amata take over. She told me it would be best if I didn’t come back to the Vault and, honestly, I was relieved. I dunno, maybe one day I’ll bump into her, out on the Wastes, but I don’t want to go back into that place if I can help it.

So, now we’re in some Raider settlement (cleared out, slaves freed, yadda, yadda…) resting up before the last bit of the journey to Little Lamplight – it seems a lifetime away that I was in Bigtown. I guess it was probably about three or four weeks? It’s September, now. Nearly October. Dad’s dead.


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