We agreed to find some Nuka Cola Quantum for the nice lady in the museum, then ran into her ‘protector’ outside. Turns out he wanted us to give HIM the Cola, so he could use it to talk her into bed. Creep. Told him where to go, obviously, then headed back to Megaton for the night.

Set off early to the Jefferson Memorial. I kinda guessed I wouldn’t find my Dad there, or I’d have gone sooner. Probably. I dunno, I’m still pretty mad with him, to be honest. Still, it was good to hear his voice again, even if only on a bunch of holotapes. And then I found one with Mom’s voice. I kinda cried at that point. I’ve never heard her voice before. Although I’d be fine if the only recording I had of here DIDN’T involve her and Dad about to make out…

Ew. Anyway, Syd and I headed to this car yard thing, and found our way into Vault 112. Not that it was exactly well hidden, but whatever. For once, nothing tried to kill us, just sent us to sit in a ‘tranquility lounger’. I was pretty suspicious, but I couldn’t really see an alternative. It was some kind of simulation, like a movie, but kind of in your head? This weird world where none of the houses had boarded-up doors, or missing windows. Some little brat tried to get me to make another kid cry, but even though none of it was real, there was no way I was going to do that, you know? Anyway, turned out she was the crazy scientist guy who built the whole damn thing, he’s been tormenting some poor bunch of bastards for… God, decades, I think, if he’s to be believed?

I read his files and it seemed like the only option was to, well, basically set off a part of the program that would kill everyone except Braun. I guess they were probably relieved, though I wish I could have saved them somehow. At any rate, when I came round, Dad was there. I couldn’t say half the things I wanted to say, couldn’t decide whether to hug him or punch him…

After some discussion, we headed to Rivet City, where he talked to Doctor Li, and I talked to Syd. She’s gone back to my house in Megaton, along with the dog. Oh, I guess I forgot to say – I’ve got a dog, now! Met him while we were exploring a day or so ago. Called him Dogmeat, Syd’s suggestion… He’s pretty cute.

So, we all came back to Project Purity. Dad’s had me running back and forth, fixing bits of machinery, I’m just writing this down in the Sub-Basement. It’s starting to stink pretty bad, thanks to all the Mutants we killed the first time we were here. I guess it’s time to head back up to Dad, and see what’s next.


2 thoughts on “

  1. Google “birds and bees” Where do you think baby Mae came from? LOL 😀
    The developers just had to put that in, didn’t they. Some fine continuity – not!

    I’m level 19 now and “still” haven’t been to Tranquillity Lane – what the hell am I playing at. 🙂


  2. Yeah, but I’m pretty sure no teen needs to hear that, let alone one who’s never heard her mum’s voice before!

    Shocking! I think Mae’s around level 17, now, got a couple of level ups with finishing various bits of the MQ.


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