Well, I guess we’d already wiped out most of the ants. Either that or the remaining ones killed each other while I was looking for this ‘package’. Turns out to be a spotty night dress. Then some beefy guy showed up, tried to kill me for the damned thing. More proof that everyone’s gone nuts.

Bryan’s a brave kid, glad I was able to find him somewhere safe to live. Visited Flak and Shrapnel, sold off some gear, bought a few things for parts, headed back to Megaton, dropped off some other stuff, had some dinner, had a good night’s sleep, then set out for Robco. I didn’t feel like exploring every inch of the place, Syd’s right, there’s something creepy about all those robots. And the roaches. Ugh, horrible things. Though I’ve heard they used to be much smaller, and somehow that sounds even worse, like they could crawl all over you… Although I guess they probably couldn’t hurt you much, in those days.

So, we did what we came to do, and, wouldn’t you know it? It set all the damn robots on a murderous rampage. Thank God Dad made me take all those computer science courses, and I was able to set them to wandering around amiably, killing the roaches. After we left Robco, we decided to head over to the fancy-looking tower nearby. Ended up negotiating with Ghouls and – worse – snobs. I did get to meet ‘Daring’ Dashwood, though, that was pretty cool. Got everything sorted out in the end, then set off for this place. After that guy trying to kill me, I was… well, I wasn’t expecting a Nuka Cola museum.


10 thoughts on “Daring

  1. Hmm.. how exactly did you settle the business at Tenpenny Tower Mae? I’m quite interested šŸ˜€

    Btw, what I wrote yesterday could have been taken the wrong way? Personally I Love most of Arthmoor’s mods – especially LaL – and didn’t intend to come across aloof. I just don’t agree with the direction the unofficial patches have gone – that’s all. šŸ™‚


  2. Talked the snobby assholes into letting Roy and his mates move in, plus evicted that really annoying, rude couple (the one where the wife has given herself a TITLE, ffs!) (I’m not sure if they really leave, probably not, but it’s not like I’ll be going back often.)

    Oh, and I didn’t think you seemed aloof, I know what you mean about things being ‘fixed’ that don’t necessarily need to be, kinda thing.


  3. Oh dear, Oh dear dear dear, Oh dearie me – lol. Still, we all have/had to learn :O
    NEXT time – well, you’ll know what to do NEXT time, and you’ll benefit greatly from it all round – apart from 3 Dog’s ridicule that is. šŸ˜€

    Do you listen to the Radio? I tend not to now unless I’m at home making “things” to do “things” to my enemies. Sierra knows what I’m on about šŸ˜›


  4. Yeah, I’m guessing it doesn’t end well, but I couldn’t see Mae massacring either side, and she’s young and idealistic enough to go that route, I think.

    I like the radio, yes, though I’ve added a couple of mods so it’s not the same few songs all the time. Love 50s music, anyway, I think it was the only thing I really liked about FNV when I tried playing it last time (hoping to give it another go after this, possibly with Mae again)


  5. I went that way too, first time, because I’m just a nice guy. But typical Bethesda never really give you a moral or ethical choice do they, they always muck it up afterwards.
    I have only downloaded one mod – Real World Lighting. The other ten mods are my own mods. One is my house that I still pay Moira for as and when I can. The others are just fixes and tweaks that I cba to merge šŸ˜€

    Yeah, FNV is really fun if you don’t go at the main quest like a bloodhound. I find it best to completely ignore Benny in the strip until I’m good and ready to begin the main quest again. There is so much else to do, and discover, which the main quest terminates. I used to hate Dead Money until I made a mod for it ( a cheat – lol). But seriously, the stupid poison cloud (red mist) script was running 4 times a second. Not only that, damage was calculated on your health. So, the more health you had the faster you died. I changed it to a percentage per second and halved the timer. It’s still nail biting fun but the only mod I could find completely turned it off. To me that’s just ridiculous – it’s not meant to be ignored. Ah waffle waffle – boy, I can arf type if I don’t watch myself. Laters Mae šŸ˜€


  6. Well, I still think that trying to do the right thing was probably the best thing to do, even if it ends up badly – the only other options being ‘participate in a massacre’, ‘participate in another massacre, having obtained the key by tricking the only decent human being in Tenpenny Tower’ and ‘ignore the fact that there is blatantly going to be a massacre at some point, one way or the other.’

    I’m sad that, judging by the Wiki, there’s no way of saving ‘Daring’, though. I think I probably just won’t go back there, that way I can either pretend nothing went wrong, or at the very least, that… is his name Herbert? him, anyway, got away. I reckon he would.

    I can’t remember if Skyrimnut has played FO3 or not, but I think I’d better warn her that the comments are getting fairly full of spoilers…


  7. Yes it’s odd that Herbert Daring Dashwood, the only resident really accepting of ghouls, isn’t spared; which ever path you choose, and I agree reconciliation is the only path a decent human being would pursue. However, It turns out that the new ghoul residents are more likeable – I think Bessie is a sweetie underneath all those scabs (shudders) and you get good trade prices as well. Roy needs to die though, he’s just another bigot imho and, as luck would have it, his own brethren killed him in my current play-through. It was a while back, but there was a mod (there always is) that offers alternate outcomes. But, to me, it’s not Fallout if you start meddling with what the game designers quite obviously intended.
    Yeah – LOL. Big spoiler alert needed re: reading comments – sorry, all my fault šŸ˜€


    • Yeah, Roy’s a jerk, for sure. I don’t really get those mods, either, see also ones that let you get Boethiah’s fancy prize in Skyrim while playing “good”. As if Boethiah would go for that deal.


  8. Btw. If you want me to stop commenting then just say so. I can take it, I’m a man. I just love the genre to bits – lol.


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