Yeah, I’m hilarious. I’m actually writing this in the Metro station in Grayditch, I’m honestly not trying to put off leaving this place, though. Mostly. I’ve also got to find a room marked by a spinning light before we emerge, at least, I think it’s in here. Okay, look, those ants freak me out. And also they SPIT FIRE. I think it’s okay to be a little nervous, right? The kid should be safe in that shelter for a few more minutes. Yeah, so we headed to Wilhelm’s Wharf this morning to check on Grandma, her boys never seem to be home…

Anyway, this little boy, probably about ten years old, comes running up to us, crying about monsters and God knows what. Some weird stuff had been going on in the settlement he lived in with his dad, I mean, even weird for, you know, here, and now. Giant ants, spitting fire. I tried to get him to stay with Grandma, but he insisted on going to that shelter by the Diner, probably smart, he did get there in one piece at least, and I guess there was no guarantee the ants wouldn’t make it to the Wharf if they, I dunno, smelled him? Plus, I guess on reflection I shouldn’t be encouraging him to hang around strange adults, right? Though I dunno what’s going to happen to him, now.

I guess, growing up with my dad, I always figured scientists were smart, good people. I don’t think Dr Lesko is exactly a bad man, he didn’t *intend* for anything bad to happen when he tinkered with those ants. But he doesn’t really seem to *care* too much, either. A miscalculation, an error in the experiment, a delay in the process. At least two men dead, that I saw. I’m guessing the others didn’t escape, either. Can’t remember what the kid said about them, whether they’d gone or, you know… ‘gone’. I still don’t know if I should have just killed that damned queen, but I don’t honestly think the two of us could have gotten out of there alive if we’d attacked it. So, yeah, we’re still down here, I’m looking for this ‘package’, because I suspect when we surface, the ants we didn’t already take care of are going to be pretty aggravated. Okay, I’ve written what I wanted to say, I guess it’s time to finish one last sweep for the package, and get going.


5 thoughts on “Ant-agonists

  1. hah – I always used to kill the Queen to obtain a special something. I didn’t realise you could buy it from a certain vendor, who is not even spitting distance away, for the almost quest giver for whom it is needed. Once you find that spinning light you’ll always remember it – if you took as long as I did to initially find the damned thing – lol.
    I now also know you don’t even need the key if your lock-picking skill is high enough.

    Ever feel like an idiot? I did today. I’ve been waiting, expecting, Sal to fix her “Real World Lighting” mod for FO3 and today I thought I’d check out my Archive Invalidation. Duh.. so much for FOMM – it had lied to me! I manually set my Invalidation to 1 and the mod’s all good. Did I feel stupid? Yup πŸ˜€

    NB – I forgot to add yesterday. Before you leave the Pitt (when/if you decide to visit) read the wiki for bugs. I don’t expect you’ll have an issue because, like me, you save often (and probably also like me – learned the hard way) but I’d hate to not have at least warned you. Laters….


  2. Ah, well, I expect if I find I need something that sounds like it might come out of a giant lady ant’s bottom I can always sneak back in, that sciencey guy’s not exactly ‘with it’, is he? Is the room with the light at least *in* the Metro station, or am I barking up the wrong tree? (Also, that sounds kinda ominous… No guarantee I haven’t already been in it, though, my memory and observational skills are shocking.)

    I don’t really understand archive invalidation, I just poke at the little .exe file thingy I have every so often, although I think it says I don’t need to. Had some issues with it in Oblivion, but so far seems okay in FO3. I installed the updated unofficial patch this morning, haven’t started the game yet to check if it’s working, but I’m a little concerned as it said it couldn’t find my .ini file…


  3. Yes, indeed, the room “is” in the station tunnels. Mini Map will help as usual. If you had been in there you would have encountered a *spoiler* and if you don’t remember that then you need more sleep – or vitamins maybe? Seems like you “are” never going to forget where it is. It took me a while to find the key first time I ever played too.

    Archive invalidation, put simply, tells the game to stop being so crass and just use the latest .dds (for example) like we told it to, instead of the one it already knew about.

    Good luck with unofficial patch – I never use the things anymore. Arthmoor, whatever his name is, while very good with the CK started dictating what was and what was not canon long ago, and what was and what was not intended by Bethesda – re: variations and minor inconsistencies which many of us have just come to accept and accommodate. Plus, tbh, do I care if “it’s” was meant to be “its” – not really. We all know yanks can’t speak, yet alone write, English πŸ˜€


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