After not one, but two rescue missions, I thought it would be nice to check out the National Archives for Abraham Washington, and the Arlington Library for Moira. Well, nice in a ‘fighting Muties, robots and raiders’ kinda way, I guess. Met a gal called Sydney in the Archives, I guess she’s a little older than me, or maybe she’s just been in the Wasteland longer. Damn good with a gun, though.

We met a pretty confused robot in the Archives, and it turned out, he sent us to the Library, as well. Two birds with one stone, I guess. The Library is under the control of these Brotherhood guys, or at least they’re taking it over, seemed like some Raiders were there first. Suits me, really. Anyway, got what we needed from both places, headed back to Rivet City for the reward and ended up deciding to team up. That shack of mine is kinda lonesome with just me and Wadsworth, so it’s nice to have someone else around. Too used to sharin’ space, I guess. I don’t think we’ll go about together all the time, she’s got her business, I’ve got mine, but it’s pretty nice to know someone’s got my back in all this.

This morning, we set off to Wilhelm’s Wharf, ’cause I had a bunch of bullets to sell to Grandma Sparkle. Not sure she’s quite as sweet as she makes out, but she seems harmless enough. Somehow got to chatting about my favourite comic books, and she told us there was a tunnel right by the Wharf into the offices of Hubris! I was pretty excited. I’ll admit.

We checked it out and… it was pretty cool. Well, aside from all the traps and feral ghouls, but we came out of there with a ton of cool stuff. Unfortunately, I realised after we left the Archive that I had NOT been careful enough and forgot to keep track of my ammo for the hunting rifle I use. Only got around 20 bullets left, so I’ve had to switch to mostly using my sword (I’m actually getting pretty good!) Thankfully, we’ve got a decent amount of ammo for Syd’s nifty little gun, so I mostly snuck up behind stuff and blasted it to ash (this sword is SO NEAT) while she took out the stuff that was further away. “Stuff.” You know, ghouls, things that used to be people. Ugh, one of them was carrying… I think it might have been a bit of a person??

Then, when we came out of the building, there were not just TC mercs but TC mercs fighting Muties. Syd suggested I give my sawed-off shotgun another try (she was explaining to me on the walk over to Wilhelm’s that I’d been using it all wrong – it’s really only for close-up, not much good at all if you’re far away from the target) and it went pretty good! I had to run over to the Muties (after we took out the mercs) which was pretty scary, and I did get a nasty blow to the head from one of them, but we did it! The shotgun really does work a LOT better close up, and I gotta admit, it’s pretty satisfying blasting Muties like that.

Came back to Megaton, sold a ton of stuff, and got some furniture for the shack! It’s… I’m not sure I like it. It’s salvaged pre-war style stuff, and it looks good, but it feels sorta wrong in my little shack. Kinda creepy. I dunno, I’ll probably get used to it.



13 thoughts on “Company

  1. You use a sword? Mine only does 10 damage so it’s a rodent swat. My Combat Shotgun works just fine although it does take about 18 shots to kill a Brute. I have to get more creative with the mutie Masters but I’ll need at least a gatling laser for the Overlords. They’re tough mothers! OMG – I just remembered albino scorpions too.
    (Note to self: make Nuka Grenades “soon”.)
    Of all the options, I always go for pre-war too. But, mine is heavily modified storage wise and without a Butler. Why no Wadsnotworthit? Because he usually ends life cluttering the place up as a scrapped robot or just becomes a pile of ash/gloop.
    I didn’t like him killing people I mezzed either. I’m currently a Harbinger of War (Evil) because there’s no way I could fend off three TC Mercs at level 14 without dying.
    Now that I’ve read this it’s reminded me I need to go to Hubris Comics before talking to the Antagoniser. Thanks Mae 😀


    • I only understood about half of that! My sword is the rather snazzy shocksword that I picked up after completing a simulation of rescuing Anchorage from some bad guys. It’s got a decent enough base damage, plus it does 2pt/s for 5s of electrical damage, AND if I get a critical hit they turn to a pile of ash. I mostly switch to it when something I’ve been shooting at runs over to me. Killed my first mirelurk with it!


  2. Hah, little wonder. Jingwei’s Shocksword does, all in all, about 4 times the damage.
    From reading this blog, I would never have guessed you’d already completed Operation Anchorage. I just met a Feral Ghoul Reaver inside Hubris – they have 1100 hitpoints – but fortunately my dog has 7000 hitpoints. Had to drag my sorry bottom back home to restock and recover. I need to go back and kill the guy in there, Johnny err.. machine gun Johnny will have to suffice, because he nearly killed Clover and “she” thinks I’m cute. Oh well, break over, back to the fray we go. Laters 🙂

    P.S. Did you play “Reign of Grelok” inside Hubris? Brings back memories, that does.


    • Yeah, I was thinking of trying to sum up what she’s done so far, but it would have been either a boring list or just ridiculously long and I wanted to get on with writing what she’s up to now. I don’t mind doing a boring list in a comment, though, so, here’s roughly what she’s been up to (not exhaustive):

      Left the Vault with very minimal gear (I suspect that, like Helgen, there’s plenty of stuff to grab if you look, but a/ she was panicking and just wanted to get out and b/ I didn’t want to start with a ton of helpful gear, I felt like the beginning of the game at least ought to be a struggle. She did save Butch’s mum and pick up a note from her dad at some point, I think, and she grabbed a bottle of Vodka near Butch’s mum)

      Stumbled on Megaton, by pure accident (i.e. I didn’t look up where to go) and agreed in her dazed and confused state to try to disarm the bomb in the middle of the city. Had only 16 points in Explosives, so kinda slunk away from it looking sheepish. Went to the store to sell the couple of pieces of extra gear she picked up and got roped in to Moira’s book idea. Did a few jobs for her, levelled up, bought a helmet that gave +5 explosives, disarmed the bomb, moved into her house.

      Did more stuff for Moira, investigated Springvale, tried a few times to get to the GNR station, 1st time got stuck trying to get past those dratted fire ants (reloaded to before meeting the little boy because it seems like that’s a quest that’ll need to be done urgently to make sense, although it’s actually now sitting in my quest log because he showed up in Wilhelm’s Wharf when I was using it as a waypoint – I’m using Fast Travel a bit as sneaking everywhere makes stuff really slow – but as far as I’m concerned, that hasn’t happened yet, so tomorrow they’re gonna head there again and I’ll be pretending that the boy shows up then, and also that I get him to wait with the nice old lady rather than going and hiding wherever it is the game has him hide) Second time I made it as far as the Anchorage Memorial, nearly got killed by Talon Company Jerks (haha, I made a joke) and then kept getting killed by Mirelurks. That time I didn’t reload, just ran like Hell.

      Did Operation Anchorage, had a lot of fun playing with massive guns and lasers and explosives with semi-infinite (in that you can get free reloads when you run out) ammo, and also MISSILE LAUNCHERS. Got the stealth armour, the fancy heavy armour (currently sitting in my locker in case I ever need it/want to look cool at a party) the sword and whatever else I could just about carry. Would like to go back for the stuff I left behind but tbh I don’t think Mae would risk it, after all, although in-game the Outcast guy outside (I did attempt to go back once but got killed by mutants and didn’t bother going back when I reloaded) is apparently still friendly, it doesn’t really make sense that everyone inside was dead, there’s no evidence of what actually happened, all he knows is that you went in and when you left all their gear was gone and everyone was dead…. I didn’t leave anything amazing behind, anyway. Used the nifty stealth armour to plant the Observer thingy in some mirelurk eggs, but ended up having to use the wiki to find an easier location than the one it suggests as there was no way I could get to any of the eggs inside the memorial without even higher sneak (I think she was at around 40 plus the armour) as pretty much every way in past a certain point was guarded by Mirelurks who never turned their back.

      Did more stuff for Moira, wound up in Rivet City, was so freaked out by fighting Mutants that it took me ten minutes, a swim right around the boat in irradiated water and eventually a look at the wiki to work out how to get in. *facepalm* Met and disliked Bannon, got my only bad karma so far by breaking into that other guy’s room, met the other guy, liked him more, sided with him. No idea if that will turn out to have been a bad choice, but it gets me a discount in his shop and means I don’t have to bother talking to the mean guy in the sweatervest any more.

      Met various people on the boat, arranged a wedding, met Doctor Li, bypassed the bit about finding GNR, got sent to find an android by a man who DEFINITELY wasn’t evil or anything, Met Abraham Washington, agreed to go and retrieve the Declaration of Independence. Got lost several times, had a nap in the Common Room, kept being accused of wanting to steal stuff because I glanced at a locked item. Wasn’t really sure what to make of Rivet City, all told.

      Blundered around a bit, tried to get to the archive but saw MIRELURKS everywhere when I tried to swim across. Gave up and went back to Megaton, had a bit of an explore, did random stuff for a day or so, decided to try again to find GNR because it seemed like an interesting thing that Mae still wanted to do. Managed to figure out the bit where you use the metro tunnels this time, got there, massive fight with mutants, nearly dead, HOLY CRAP WHAT THE HELL IS A MUTANT BEHEMOTH?? AND WHY IS IT KILLING ME WITH A FIRE HYDRANT??

      Took about ten minutes to kill the damn thing, not least because we were both totally cheesily using cover (he couldn’t get through the doorway of the building I was hiding in, so he kept running away and then running back, I did try pursuing him a couple of times but he ran about three times as fast as me and then just smashed my head in with his FIRE HYDRANT. I won’t lie, I ended up turning the difficulty down when I kept landing shots on him and his HP didn’t go down even slightly. Still took another three or four minutes. Difficulty back up, looted his body for some paltry rubbish, once again failed to notice the intercom so went right round both sides of the building as far as I could looking for another door. Met Three Dog, seemed like a chill guy, agreed to fix the broadcast signal thingy (Mae would remember what it’s called) so headed off to the Museum of Tech, fought some more mutants, found the thing, read some cool Space Facts!, found my way to the signal thingy, fixed it, got given the coordinates for the weapons cache.

      Tried to find the cache and the place was full of damn scorpions, so I decided not to bother (may go back with Sydney, though, although I suspect it’ll be underwhelming). On the way I picked up two jobs, deliver a letter for Lucy West (conveniently very close to the cache) and rescue the two people kidnapped from Big Town. And that pretty much takes us up to the blog.

      No, I must’ve missed that! Dang, I’ll look out for it on my next playthrough, assuming that character’s into comics.


  3. Oh – That’s quite a lot done, Mae. Next time (lol) start from the beginning 😀
    Aw – you missed a good weapon. Xuanlong rifle (spelling probably wrong)
    At GNR one of the already dead BoS has a Nuke Launcher in his pocket.
    Back door to plant the Mirelurk Cam?. I always wait ’til I acquire a stealth boy!
    Sydney usually dies unless I mostly clear the place out before meeting her 😦
    Prior to that I completely clear the route she’ll take after we’re done….
    I have to admit – I did laugh at your Rivet City methodology. Still grinning here
    because we all end up doing something similar eventually. We’re humans – lol.

    Laters 🙂


  4. Wait, no, I’ve totally got that! I gave it to Syd as I figured it was a Big Gun (is there any way of telling without looking it up on the wiki? I thought at first it was whether it was 1H or 2H, but it doesn’t seem to be just that) – that’s the one you get when you find the dead guy who left the loot in the museum of tech, right? Yeah, I forgot to say, we swung by that diner and then broke into Hank’s Electricals, killed the Raiders inside and then went up on the roof, only to spy a bunch of Talon Jerks hanging around outside, so we killed them and split a bottle of Scotch to celebrate!

    Yeah, the observer thingy, there’s a door somewhere nearish the Anchorage Memorial to some sewers or something? I’d already been in there when trying to find my way to GNR and ran from the Mirelurks inside, luckily there’s a clutch of egg pod things that you can juuuuuuuust about sneak to without being spotted if you’re a/careful b/wearing stealth armour and c/lucky. I did reload to get out of the Memorial thing but only because I got hopelessly lost and couldn’t find my way back out. Nothing much had happened in there, though, just a lot of verrrry slow creeping about. Oh! I forgot to say, I wasn’t sure what to do about finding the android guy, as I had a nasty feeling that if I found him, I’d end up having brought the Definitely Not Evil Scientist Man right to him, but luckily a lady approached me and gave me a piece of android that I could give to the man to convince him I’d found the android and he was dead.


  5. Ok, you got the rifle. Big guns are BIG. Gatling Laser, Mini gun, Rocket Launcher etc..
    All pistols and rifles are small. This isn’t traditional 1h & 2h, I know. Anyway, you did miss A321’s rifle this time (bah humbug). Harkness will let you kill said evil scientist – which a bright person does AFTER claiming the reward for finding the missing android. I keep the neuraliser (android part x 3) in a draw in my house.
    Not wishing to rain on your parade, it’s Operation Anchorage and Mothership Zeta which I avoid because it makes the game to easy but I’ll let you off on your first play through, purely because you left the winterised power armour at home 😀

    I forgot how good this game is and yet I remember almost every detail. That’s mental 😛


  6. Ah, I don’t mind missing the odd thing, I’m blatantly gonna replay at some point, so it just means I get to go ‘wow, can’t believe I missed this last time!’

    Yeah, I am only using the stealth armour when I *really* need it, because it’s blatantly pretty OP (but fun!) Keeping the sword, though :p The armour is kinda ridiculous, definitely, and even selling it felt kinda like it would make me too rich – I must admit this game does a better job of making money feel tight than the ES games, but I still feel ridiculously rich, given we’re meant to be in, you know, post-apocalyptic world with no real economy and such. Hence buying the furniture and stuff, even though I don’t really *need* a fancy cola machine and a nice rug, it helps make me feel a bit more strapped for cash.


  7. Lol – yeah, but it’s not too dissimilar to ES games. Now that I’ve scrimped, and saved, and squandered my ill gotten gains, I have the Megaton House complete with all accessories. You have to be such a dab hand at scavenging that you end up being habitually TOO good at it. And, now that I’ve also fully invested in the caravans I don’t know what to do with it all my cash. What’s that you say? Stop Scavenging then? Are you nuts? – I’m good at it now – LOL. Stupid game!
    Ugh – the Pitt, if you’re a completionist you’ll spend plenty of hours in there and I just had to Platinum the game on my PS3 of course. It’s much easier on the PC without achievements gnawing away at my psyche I must admit. Actually, the “Alien” one is okay to do later but the weapons are just so ridiculously overpowered and it makes a nonsense of the vanilla random event Alien Blaster or the Firelance – not to mention you’re no longer stuck for ammo or repairs. I’m sure they put this stuff in for kids 😉

    Anyway, bring it on Super Mutant Overlords, Feral Ghoul Reavers, Albino Scorpions, I made 48 Nuka Grenades yesterday – yay 😀


  8. Yeah, I’m going to keep scavenging for now, but I think soon I’ll limit myself to only picking up things I need for parts and maybe two Needful Things to sell (e.g. for a few days I might decide that Moira was after Laser weapons or Flak wanted any Talon Company Jerk armour, stuff like that). Obviously I’ll also pick up any ammo I find, and if I find myself in the lair of anyone particularly nasty (like those mutants in the police station) I’ll clear out all their gear in case they have more members who aren’t home right now, don’t want to leave anything useful for those bastards.

    Can you leave the Pitt and come back (like you can with e.g. Solstheim) or is it like O:A where once you’re in you have to complete the whole thing before you can move on?


  9. You have to complete one branch or the other in order to be able to come and go as you please. I hope that wasn’t too much of a spoiler, as in ruined your interest – LOL.
    Funny how we role play. I’m currently on the road to redemption from being an evil thief and slaver, hopefully to neutral status, for the next part of my FO3 life. Neutral doesn’t spawn TC Mercs OR Regulators. Oops – dinner is burning. GTG 🙂


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