After the Vault

So, I feel like I should be keeping some sort of log. The Pip-Boy stores some info, but it’s a bit, well, impersonal. Plus there’s no way to actually write on it. It takes bearable photos, though, since I got Moira to tinker with it a little. Not great, and not a lot of them, but it’s something. And I’m scrounging up any bits of clean paper and pencils I can find. Looking out for a pen, too, though I dunno where I’d find ink. Hopefully this will help me feel a bit less like nothing is real. Ever since I left the Vault, life’s been pretty bizarre. I’ve killed… a lot of things. And some people.

The Pip-Boy has this weird section where it tells you your ‘karma’ – probably one of the Overseer’s ideas, I guess. Anyway, it says mine’s good, but I’m not so sure I feel good when I catch myself chasing down a Raider who’s running away with her arm bleeding out. Did I really need to run her down and kill her? Most of them, I don’t feel so bad about, because I know damn well they’d kill me, and they’ve killed more besides. But that girl with the lavender hair, she could’ve been ME, you know?

At first she was full of it, yelling about how I’d never take her down, then she just ran off. I was near the exit of the station when I realised she’d gone the other way, I could have just left her but… I turned back. I guess the Overseer never predicted a situation like that, just ‘is this stealing? Is that person a baddie or a goodie?’ And, well, frankly, I don’t think I trust the Overseer on that last point.




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