I’m writing this, sitting on a filthy mattress in a caravan recently vacated by some asshole who tried to kill me. Unlike the last assholes who tried to kill me, this one was fool enough to tell me what he was about to do, and didn’t have me tied up, so that didn’t really work out so well for him. He’d have had better luck against the geckos.

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We found Little Lamplight, I wish I’d been able to get a word in edgewise and tell them I’d already been to Bigtown, but little kids have their own ideas about what nonsense they’ll listen to, even more so than mungos. I mean, uh, grown-ups. Convinced them to let us in, at least, not easy when there were three grown ups, one probably older than anyone they’ve ever seen. Found our way to ‘Murder Pass’, and the Mayor kid let us through. Full of Super Mutants, of course. As was the Vault, when we found our way in. Super Mutants and… things.

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We agreed to find some Nuka Cola Quantum for the nice lady in the museum, then ran into her ‘protector’ outside. Turns out he wanted us to give HIM the Cola, so he could use it to talk her into bed. Creep. Told him where to go, obviously, then headed back to Megaton for the night.

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With these Rocher…

[ooc – I doubt anyone is reading this who I haven’t directed it to, but just in case, so far, I’ve been avoiding spoilers by being rather vague, but from this point, I’m just going to use the ‘read more’ tag as a spoiler tag, just assume everything from there on may include spoilers. Mae’s story spoiler – I’m focusing on the main quest for now.]